Fragile and fluid, The Greyhounds recharge the youthful immediacy of traditional music, lending much renewal to the narrative content of folk songs as to the melodies themselves.

John Ellis (Cinematic Orchestra) on piano and Ian Fletcher (Future Trad Collective) on guitar bring seasoned calibre and unexpected texture to the mix, whilst maintaining an intuitive balance with Sonya Moorhead’s honest and expressive vocals.

The Greyhounds debuted at Todmorden Folk Festival Commission (2016); their original setlist exploring Anne Briggs’ original and iconic recordings. Following in the wake of many folk disciples, The Greyhounds endevoured to honour the impact of this momentous catalogue, unpacking the qualities of Anne’s raw, unaccompanied recordings of traditional songs the she revived during her early career.

Such artistry is a pleasure to see…it was just beautiful” ~(Esther Ferry-Kennington Todmorden Folk Festival Director.)

“…transfixed by the mix of modern keys, cello and Sonya’s voice which acts as both songstress and story teller…it was a really beautiful set”- ‘Even the Stars’ independent music reviewer at Head for the Hills, Ramsbottom Festival 2017.


  1. jayne hamilton
    1st October 2017

    Hi Sonya,
    Any upcoming Greyhound gigs ? Enjoyed you guys at Rammy Fest’.

      17th November 2017

      Hi Jayne,

      Sorry I just spotted you’re message. Thank you. Yes, the whole team is working on a theatre show called Feral at the moment. we’ll be performing on 23rd Nov Elizabeth Gaskell House, Manchester, 25th November, The Met, Bury,and 8th Dec the Kings Arms, Salford.

      We’re also booked in to play The Hilary Step,Manchester on 20th May and The Trades Club in Hebden Bridge on 27th May.

      look forward to seeing you

      S x


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