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Sonya Moorhead is a multi-disciplinary artist, regularly working as performer, writer, singer and director.


January Daily Dip- 24 down, 7 to go

January Daily Dip- 24 down, 7 to go

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The January Daily Dip challenge started as a whim, a silly text to friends, “I’m swimming everyday in January, outdoors, with no wet suit to raise money for UNICEF, who’s in?”.  Not exactly a battle cry, but Jemima and Clare are warriors and they said yes; a big committed, enthusiastic YES. Boy, I’m glad they […]

January Daily Dip

January Daily Dip

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My friends, artist Jemima Latimer and poet Clare Shaw , and I have hatched a plan.  We’re going to swim, outdoors, everyday of January in aid of UNICEF. We’ll be sharing our progress on this Justgiving page. I’ve been really distressed by the images and news coming out of Syria over the past 6 years. The Syrian civil […]

Herizons at Elizabeth Gaskell House

Herizons at Elizabeth Gaskell House

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Talking feminism, lost time, big daydreams, Motown classics, Gaskell -The Musical, putting ourselves aside for the sake of others and fulfilling lifetime ambitions later in life. Working with enJOY Arts Herizons group this week was just brilliant! You can plan workshop delivery in great detail, but put a group of mature, strong-minded, creative women in […]

A fawn is born, she staggers to find her feet…

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Feral is up on it’s feet like a beautiful but slightly mucky, not quite ready for the world, newborn fawn. I have to admit I’m bricking myself.  Why on earth have I ended up making something so biographical? It’s terrifying! It’s made me look back over my previous work and review it with fresh insight. […]

Work Starts Monday

Work Starts Monday

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Rehearsals for Feral start on Monday! SO EXCITING! Beginning a new show from scratch is daunting at the best of times but it’s the first show I’ve ever created from personal experiences, in residence at a venue, with an external director, with a band, for indoor venues. So ticking more than a few “new” boxes […]


“Passionate, committed and deeply inspired by nature, Sonya creates work that stays with you a long time after it’s been and gone.”

- Hannah Merriman: Award-winning Event Producer

“Sonya constantly fills my heart with magic and inspiration. She can take the lowliest of concepts and the meagerest of budgets and transform them into something that sings”.

- Sophie Parkes-Nield: author, musician, media relations.

“Sonya has a very original and inventive mind which she applies to her work with great determination and organisational skill. In performance, she has a charismatic stage presence which she employs with great subtlety.”

- David Wheeler: Artistic Director, IOU.