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Sonya Moorhead is a multi-disciplinary artist, regularly working as performer, writer, singer and director.


Process and the beast

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This year I’ve taken some time to really acknowledge, interrogate, formalise and improve my process. The truth is, I’ve always felt like I was winging it. I know that after 15 years of making shows that this isn’t true, I must have gleaned some skill and am certainly able to navigate the stepping stones to […]

31daysofmake Day 17- An Invitation

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Working with Open Space Technology this weekend during Improbable Theatre’s Devoted and Disgruntled Event  has got me really excited. Open Space developed to support groups to self-organize and collaborate around any question of shared concern. It gives all participants the chance to propose a starting point for discussion, take part in any of the conversations or flit […]

#31daysofmake Day 16- Mothering

#31daysofmake Day 16- Mothering

Today I attended Mothers Who Make at HOME MCR. Nina came with me, she’s been coughing and out of sorts over the weekend so I didn’t want to send her to nursery and this was the perfect event to have her with me.  She was excited and interested to be coming to “a meeting”. It’s […]

31daysofmake Day 15- set design

31daysofmake Day 15- set design

I’ve had a recurring project in my mind for a number of years, I think I might like to start the ball rolling on it this year.  Today I thought about how I might stage this project which is inspired and based upon the story of Pannonica de Koenigswarter, née Rothschild, aka The Jazz Baroness.  Many focus on her […]

#31daysofmake Day 14- connecting (Devoted and Disgruntled)

#31daysofmake Day 14- connecting (Devoted and Disgruntled)

  I went to Devoted and Disgruntled this weekend, an annual Open Space Event for theatre and performing arts practitioners conceived and hosted by Improbable Theatre.  I’ve known about it for many years and have often toyed with the idea of going.  I’ve put it off  previously by telling myself these sorts of narratives: “It’s […]


“Passionate, committed and deeply inspired by nature, Sonya creates work that stays with you a long time after it’s been and gone.”

- Hannah Merriman: Award-winning Event Producer

“Sonya constantly fills my heart with magic and inspiration. She can take the lowliest of concepts and the meagerest of budgets and transform them into something that sings”.

- Sophie Parkes-Nield: author, musician, media relations.

“Sonya has a very original and inventive mind which she applies to her work with great determination and organisational skill. In performance, she has a charismatic stage presence which she employs with great subtlety.”

- David Wheeler: Artistic Director, IOU.