Photography by Duncan Elliott, Photography direction and costume by Sonya Moorhead.

The Hares Moon by Sonya Moorhead

The Hare’s Moon is a magical narrative traversing the threshold between the natural world and domestic life. Living concurrently, in a rural landscape, are the hares and the humans, oblivious of the others tribulations. The Brown Hares are entrenched in a long and bitter war at the borders separating the Artic Hares territory. While, in a farmhouse near by, a human family faces the unexpected ordeal of their grandmother’s death.

The story explores epic and intimate appreciations of crisis and what happens when these two scales collide. In writing the story, Sonya wanted to navigate the themes of war, grief, displacement and injustice for family audiences. She approaches the horror of these subjects figuratively, illustrating how sadness and pain can take hold of a society.  The story hopes to inspire personal bravery and direct action; demonstrating how individuals, no matter how young, can transform the world.

Sonya is currently developing this project with the support of the Up and Out Network for Todmorden Folk Festival in collaboration with creative producer Esther Ferry-Kennington.  The project is currently supported by The Wind Farm Fund, Todmorden Town Council and Calderdale Council (CMBC).

Sonya and group of artists were awarded  a REACT residency at the Royal Exchange in February 2017 to explore the themes and characters of this narrative.