385547_2413208363138_1787207821_n“I’m an artist.  I’m dedicated to outdoor arts and have gained a wealth of experience delivering street theatre and landscape performances across the UK and internationally.  I’m so excited by the endless creative potential of those environments and the unlikely audiences they inspire.  When generating my work, I try to draw together the very best creative teams to spin good yarns,  transcend the everyday and drum up a little bravery in audiences.  I love happy working environments and adventures, even little ones.  Adventure has been the unifying theme of many of my recent projects; stories drawn from and shared in the domestic, natural and mythical landscapes, inviting audiences to be protagonists within the narrative and the environments that surround them. “

Sonya Moorhead is a performance artist regularly working freelance as a singer, director, writer and project developer. Originally from Northern Ireland, Sonya studied at Manchester Metropolitan University School of Theatre and enjoyed additional training experiences with Teatr Piesn Kozla (Poland) under Gregorz Bral and Christopher Sivertsen, Meyerhold’s Biomechanics with Gennadi Bogdanov.  In recent years Sonya has partaken in immersive training residencies with John Fox and Sue Gill and award-winning performance artist, Bryony Kimmings.  In 2017, she was selected for an “Observer Monday’s” experience at Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre, observing and blogging the process of director Jeff James.

Based in Manchester since 2000, Sonya has developed a diverse professional network of artists, activists, venues, programmers and advocates of outdoor arts. Alongside her work with Mr. Wilson’s, she works with organisations and companies such as Walk the PlankWired Aerial TheatreHorse and Bamboo Theatre, BBC, Collective EncountersIOUWhalley Range All StarsPif-PafSingle Cell Collective and Curious Cargo.

For four years, she created a number of touring and commissioned shows with her own company, Canopy, which included performances at The National Theatre, Glastonbury Festival, City of London Festival and Stockton International Riverside Festival.

She sits on the steering committee for The National Association of Street Arts  (NASA) and is a member of The Independent Street Arts Network (ISAN). In 2017, she was selected by ISAN to attend Fresh Streets #2, an international seminar on the development of street arts in Porta, Portugal.

As a singer, Sonya collaborates with musicians and musical directors, and features on several soundtracks for theatre shows. She is currently developing a new collaborative project, The Greyhounds, with pianist John Ellis (Cinematic Orchestra), cellist Sarah Dale (Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain) and Ian Fletcher (Trad Folk Collective). As inspiration, The Greyhounds draw upon Anne Briggs’ 1960s recordings of traditional ballads.

Since moving to West Yorkshire, her enthusiasm for fresh air and inclusive access to arts has sparked a series of self-initiated events, workshops, games and a Shed of Dreams.

Sonya is currently Artistic Director of Mr Wilson’s Second Liners and is developing Voodoo Rising.  She is credited with the bands name and unique visual identity and also makes the hats.