Herizons at Elizabeth Gaskell House

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Talking feminism, lost time, big daydreams, Motown classics, Gaskell -The Musical, putting ourselves aside for the sake of others and fulfilling lifetime ambitions later in life.

Working with enJOY Arts Herizons group this week was just brilliant! You can plan workshop delivery in great detail, but put a group of mature, strong-minded, creative women in a room and the plan goes right out the window. In a good way. SO much more was discovered and enjoyed than I thought possible in two hours.

We worked with physical writing practices to spark ideas and conversation. The ladies were just so generous in their sharing and I was grateful for their honest feedback on the themes of Feral and the journey it’s taken so far.

The workshop participants helped me write some more content for the show from their personal experiences and I’m working their words into a poem called the opportunity exchange. The idea is that unless we hold some space for the women in our lives and home and relinquish some of their over occupied time, they’ll never really fulfill their potential. Change starts with a bit of hoovering and ends up with massive shifts in the expectation of equal opportunity in society.


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