January Daily Dip

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My friends, artist Jemima Latimer and poet Clare Shaw , and I have hatched a plan.  We’re going to swim, outdoors, everyday of January in aid of UNICEF. We’ll be sharing our progress on this Justgiving page.

I’ve been really distressed by the images and news coming out of Syria over the past 6 years. The Syrian civil war has created the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.  Children have paid the heaviest price in the conflict, and their suffering has hit rock bottom in a drastic escalation of violence. Nearly 6 million children are in need of humanitarian assistance, with almost half forced to flee their homes. Many families have lost everything – including, for those who have fled the country, the protections that come with citizenship.

The situation has left me feeling helpless, guilty and angry. Guilty for the privilege and safety of my own situation and angry that our media report’s everything from Prince Harry’s engagement to the farce of Brexit negotiations and yet omits the severity of 13.5 million people’s daily, unnecessary suffering.

So, Jamima and Clare and I, are going to swim outdoors every day of January.  In return, we are asking for your support.

We’d like to raise £500 for UNICEF.  It won’t change the world but it might help get some care and resources to people who need to keep going. We’d also like to use our swim to raise awareness and encourage people to contact their local MP and lobby government to do more to support refugees and provide aid.

UNICEF and its partners are committed to delivering essential services for Syrian families and keeping Syrian children from becoming a ‘lost generation’. Critical efforts are being made to minimize the impact of the crisis on children – including in the life-saving areas of health, nutrition, immunization, water and sanitation, as well as education and child protection.

UNICEF is also working in neighbouring countries to support Syrian refugee families and the host communities in which they have settled.

These efforts are critical not only for defending the rights of children, but also for safeguarding their future.

For me personally a daily dip is a challenge and thrill. I cant wait find how it effects on my body, ( I presuming the effects will all be positive, is that naive?)

We’ll be sharing pictures to keep you up to date of our progress.

And if you can donate, We’d really appreciate it.

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