A fawn is born, she staggers to find her feet…

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Feral is up on it’s feet like a beautiful but slightly mucky, not quite ready for the world, newborn fawn.

I have to admit I’m bricking myself.  Why on earth have I ended up making something so biographical? It’s terrifying!

It’s made me look back over my previous work and review it with fresh insight. Have I always just created stories and characters that are so far fetched they can only be viewed as a form of escapism? Or was there actually more of me in them than I knew, and just wasn’t prepared to admit?

Take Mrs Preener. You can be forgiven for thinking that silly little strolling street theatre show was all about sparkles and vanity. But I always knew the central character, the point of sympathy for the audience, wasn’t the eye catching Graham but his dear old Ma. At best, she’s oblivious to the reality of the world around her and at worst, she’s in an extreme state of denial. She’s the antithesis of feminism or wild femininity, having “beiged” herself for the sake of social acceptability  and yet she doesn’t expect the same from her male offspring.  These theme’s arise again in Feral, I’m just being more honest and less shy about the fact that it’s me talking.

The Dollybirds are the same.  You could think they are three daft blondes singing Dolly Parton songs.  But strip back the sparkles and wigs and you find 3 working class women with a artistic talent who have serious abandonment issues and are disenfranchised from decisions that effect their lives and home.  They are fighting the establishment the only way they know how. Tragically, its futile. Well, I won’t go into the direct life parallels now, but if you come and see Feral you’re likely to get a double dose of disenfranchised, misplaced emotion and whole heap of storytelling. Insights galore.

It’s obviously cathartic for me but is is relevant for audiences? Well, I’ve been chatting about the content to my girlfriends. Some have said it’s timely, some have got impassioned and teary, some are nervous for me.  I just want to make sure that the response isn’t totally gendered, I want men to come away feeling empowered to action changes as well…

So the fawn is sticky, but on it’s feet.  It still needs nourishing and support, so go and buy some blooming tickets.


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