Work Starts Monday

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Rehearsals for Feral start on Monday! SO EXCITING! Beginning a new show from scratch is daunting at the best of times but it’s the first show I’ve ever created from personal experiences, in residence at a venue, with an external director, with a band, for indoor venues. So ticking more than a few “new” boxes there… no pressure.

The themes and ideas are literally running out of me. Feral audiences can expect water, mothers, seagulls, folk songs, mad men on hills, lego, tumble dryers, maps, swine flu, more folk songs, dancing, crying, circus tricks and possibly chocolate limes. ( But don’t hold me to it, that all might change over the next 2 months…)

I am so happy and confident entering this process because I have a pocket-sized, rocket-fuelled, secret-weapon  on my side. Feral will be directed by the super skilled, Debs Newbold.  Debs is a theatre maker, performer, storyteller, director, educator and all round good egg.  We’ve been getting to know each other over the summer months, and discovered a shared love and affinity for outdoor swimming.  During rehearsals we’ll be sneaking outside for quick dips in the cold, open waters of Gaddins Dam and other local swimming holes.  As any school teacher who ever had the misfortune of having me in their class will testify, I get cabin fever pretty quick.  I do my best thinking outdoors. So hopefully, lots of walking and talking and practicing will happen in the open air. The challenge is including all that in an indoor show!  How do you bring a misty, wide open, moor-top dam into a tiny black box theatre? If any one can, me and Debs can…

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